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Marketing On-line

If you are a business owner, especially if you are in the start up phase, you must have an effective strategy on how to gain many new customers. The competition in the market may be so tight as new and existing products are all around and it can be very challenging and scary for starters like you. With the advent of the internet, the nature of business has also already undertaken the greatest number of changes and trends. On-line marketing is now the trend and with the necessary skills and knowledge needed, the results can be very rewarding. To prepare your product for on-line marketing:

Find a company that is capitalizing on the growing number of cyber transactions. They will serve as a virtual middleman for online transactions

Take a digital photo of the product you wish to sell.  A good way of doing it is to shoot from different angles (back, front, top) so that customers can see the different sides of the product.

Make a short description of the item that you are selling. The label should include all possible search words you can fit without being too long.

Set a price and post the item on your virtual shop.

Business Expenses

An expense in business is something that you pay for to generate sales. Purchasing office supplies, printing marketing brochures, or paying for newspaper advertising are some of the items that you would normally consider as expenses that are necessary for generating business. But about when you buy a computer or machinery equipment or the renovation of a new office of you business? Are these treated as expense as well?

The answer is yes, but you have to allocate the total cost of the expenditure over the useful life of the equipment bought. For example, if you purchased a delivery van for your business, this van loses value from the very first minute that you drive it out of the dealership. It is considered an operational asset in running your business, one that loses part of its value each year that you own until it no longer runs and as no more value to your business. The measure of the loss in value of an asset like your delivery van is known as depreciation expense.

It is important to recognize the importance of recording depreciation. The objective of this is to show the decline in the usefulness of an asset, not a decline in its market value. Depreciation merely reduces the value of an asset in the balance sheet; it does not reduce the cash account or affect the cash flow of a business.

Business Techniques to Strike it Big

The best performing businesses exist and enjoy tremendous growth success because they observe success tactics and practices. Here some secrets for thriving and doing good:

Invest in People. The main source of strength of any business is its people. An entrepreneur should believe in his staff, empower them to make decisions for the company, and most important, pay them reasonably and on time.

Exceed customers’ expectations. Give the best and the highest level of service to your clients and more. This is an old business dictum that works all the time, especially in a very competitive industry. Your competitive advantage would be the level of service you provide to your clients.

Innovate or Die. An entrepreneur should always anticipate what the market needs and innovate on how to do business better based on those changing market needs, and he or she should be open to change and be willing to embrace what is new.

Target your strategic customers. Success is not just about selling the product, it is all about targeting strategic customers that could multiply your client base.

Sales Force: Word-of-Mouth Advertising

The cacophony of sales messages out there is deafening and desensitizing.  To get your customers talking, make word-of-mouth advertising included in your marketing plan. Encourage customer evangelism, or word-of-mouth advertising to get your customers talking and do your advertising for you. It’s the simple idea of getting people to talk to others about your product or service, and before you know it, a buzz is created.

There are ideas that you can extrapolate from to make word-of-mouth advertising work for you. One example is to find a way to send money back to your customers, because they would not stop talking about it. Bottom line: Build an ad if you must, but building an customer goodwill can pay off even more.