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Colfax pumps

There are large industries that deal with fluids. It may be oil or gas or any type of fluid. But they would need to somehow move the fluid in order to process it or transfer it to a processing site. They would need to use industrial pumps to move the fluid to where it is needed. There are also crude oil transfer pumps if they need to transfer or move crude oil and bring it to tank farms or processing facilities.

The fluid pumps can also be used for power generation. Power plants fueled by diesel or oil or hydro power plants use pumps for power generation. They are used to operate the power plant and keep it running smoothly. The pumps may be used to fuel the power plant or keep it lubricated. It is also used with other fluid handling equipment that ensures the transport of the fluid to its destination.

Aside from power plants there are also commercial marine pumps for ships and tankers. They may be used to transfer oil from the tanker or lubricate the equipment in the ship.